ORI - Notification of rights and the details for subscription for newly-issued ordinary shares

Pre-emptive Letter
Certificate of Subscription Entitlement
Details of subscription methods and subscription payment for newly-issued ordinary shares of BRI applicable to the Eligible Shareholders
Subscription form for newly issued ordinary shares of BRI (Form B for the Eligible Shareholders of ORI)
Bill Payment Form of Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
Executive summary of the prospectus of Britania Public Company Limited
"U.S. Indicia Checklist (Individual & Juristic Person) only for shareholders wishing to deposit securities into the Issuer Account" and "Entity Status Certification and Information Disclosure Consent Form under FATCA" (Only for the subscribers who wish to deposit the newly issued ordinary shares into the Issuer Account)
Additional instruction for Nominees, Custodians, Depositories, Brokers, and any persons who hold ordinary shares of Origin Property Public Company Limited on behalf of other persons
Power of Attorney for the subscription to the newly issued ordinary shares of Britania Public Company Limited by the Eligible Shareholders