Message from the Chairman

2020 was another year in which Origin has grown significantly in terms of business and experience through unexpected circumstances. This is regarded as one of the new normal situations that I have previously mentioned several times.
(Mr.Lucksananoi Punkrasamee)
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Due to the awareness of the situation, Origin focused on being a strong and flexible organization that is ready to face any kind of change and is always emphasizing sustainable growth. The Company is always prepared in advance for any unexpected events such as the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, the Company was able to handle the situation in 2020 extremely well.

The COVID-19 outbreak had an impact on the economy, society, life and the well-being of people around the world throughout 2020. The real estate sector was impacted, directly and indirectly, whether it was purchasing power, confidence in decision-making, and consumer behavior. Since Origin is an organization that responds quickly to change, beginning in March, Origin quickly turned this situation into higher sales with strategies to increase the number of sales channels, whether that was allowing more than 1,200 employees of Origin corporation become micro-influencers under the ‘Everyone Can Sell’ project, which generated more than 2,500 million Baht in sales for the Ready to Move Projects or being the market leader by launching The Origin Onnut project. Origin was one of the first companies that launched projects in the previous year. This project used Origin Next Normal, a new strategy that reduced management costs, adjusted the pricing structure to be in line with the situations of consumers, and changed the sales model to be 100% online without having a sales office for the first time. This created a phenomenon in which the project sold out in one day under the new normal.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to improve after vaccinations have been widely used, some consumer behaviors are expected to change. This includes such things as the importance of hygiene, health care, social distancing, and patterns of daily life such as working from home, online shopping, and using delivery services. The trend of digital disruption has accelerated in every industry. It is clear that these changes will have an impact on the real estate sector, especially the residential development business. Origin has always modified and created new development concepts to be in line with consumer changes, whether in product or service development, in order to respond to the needs of every lifestyle and life stage of consumers.

In addition to this, Origin focused on being a sustainable organization by reviewing and revising its operating structure in 2020. This included Risk Management and Best Practices of Corporate Governance and Sustainability in order to enhance corporate governance operations. The structure of the Audit Committee and the Risk Management Committee was also restructured. The Corporate Governance Committee for Sustainable Development was appointed to supervise and continually drive the operations of corporate governance and sustainability.

Origin achieved an “Excellent” level for Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies 2020 (CGR 2020) by the Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) which indicated the Company’s intention to have good corporate governance.

Finally, it is believed that the new normal will continue to be with us. We will continue to encounter sudden world impacts, whether positive or negative, besides the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, Origin will always be prepared for future situations. However, overcoming these circumstances requires the support of all participants. I would like to express my gratitude to the Board of Directors, executives, and all employees, as well as customers, financial institutions, business partners, trade partners, and shareholders who supported the Company’s operations to overcome the previous circumstances and move forward steadily.