Board of Directors

Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-ek
Appointed Date
December 16, 2009
Current Position
Director / Executive Director / Nomination and Remuneration committee / Chief Executive Officer
Director 693,606,354 shares (28.277%)
Spouse / Cohabiting couple 167,457,556 shares (6.827%)
Peerada Capital Company Limited 618,779,918 shares (25.226%)
Family Relationship among Directors and Executives
He is Mrs. Arada Jaroon – ek’s husband
Academic Degree
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree of Arts in Real Estate Business Management for the Academic Year 2019, Kasem Bundit University
  • Master of Business and Administration (International Program),Kasetsart University (KIMBA)
  • Master Degree of Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering, Khon Kaen University
Training Program
  • Director Certification Program (DCP) 122/2009 Thai Institute of Directors
  • International Construction and Engineering Contract, The Engineering Institute of Thailand Under H.M. The King’s Patronage
  • Director Certification - Capital Market Academy (CMA 27)
  • Executive Integrated Medical Management Program (4/2020), Chulabhorn International College of Medicine, Thammasat University
Working Experience
2009 – Present Director Origin Property Public Company Limited
2014 – Present Executive Committee Origin Property Public Company Limited
2015 – Present Nomination and Remuneration Committee Origin Property Public Company Limited
2009 – Present Chief Executive Officer Origin Property Public Company Limited
2021 – Present Chairman of the Board Origin Healthcare Company Limited
2021 – Present Director Prominent Asset Management Company Limited
2011 – Present Director One Origin Company Limited
2011 – 2014 Chief Executive Officer One Origin Company Limited
Position in other company Listed
Listed None
Non-Listed 3 Companies
Illegal record in the last 10 year
* 1st re-appointed at the AGM 2015 of April 30, 2015 * 2nd re-appointed at the AGM 2018 of April 30, 2018
* 3rd re-appointed at the AGM 2021 of April 29, 2021