Driving Business For Sustainability

Origin Property Public Company Limited operated its business in accordance with the sustainable development guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, whether in the environmental, social or corporate governance dimensions in order to develop and deliver quality products with good services that meet the needs of customers as well as developing the organization for sustainable growth under the corporate governance code with responsibility to society and all stakeholders

Trade Partner Management

The Company’s business operations require cooperation from various partners and business partners. Therefore, the Company set performance and evaluation standards as well as the selection standards for trade partners in order to develop sustainable quality of products and services for customers.

The Company monitors and evaluates the performance of trade partners annually. This includes setting practice guidelines for trade partner evaluation both before and after trading in order to measure and grade partners and put them into different categories. The Purchasing Department is responsible for assessing trade partners before trading begins to remove partners off the Approved Vendor List (AVL) if the result is below the evaluation standards.

Scoring Criteria Evaluation Results
Grade A - A 80-100 Points Pass the evaluation. Remain in AVL
Grade B - A 70-79 Points Pass the evaluation. Remain in AVL
Grade C - A 60-69 Points Pass the evaluation. Remain in AVL
Grade D - A 50-59 Points Notify supplier by email or phone call to make improvements
Grade F - A Lower than 50 Points Propose the Procurement Committee to remove supplier from the AVL

Standards and Criteria for Trade Partner Evaluation

  • Quality of Products Quality meets the criteria standards.
  • Shipping and delivery On-time delivery to an accurate location in accordance with the plan.
  • Satisfaction Quick responses to solve problems effectively.