Driving Business For Sustainability

Origin Property Public Company Limited operated its business in accordance with the sustainable development guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, whether in the environmental, social or corporate governance dimensions in order to develop and deliver quality products with good services that meet the needs of customers as well as developing the organization for sustainable growth under the corporate governance code with responsibility to society and all stakeholders

Social Policy and Practice Guidelines

The Company established a human rights policy (details are disclosed on the Company website www.origin.co.th) that upholds and implements the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). The Company gave priority to fair and equitable labor practices, respect for human rights and does not discriminate in terms of employment, remuneration, promotions, employee training, and development. The Company does not discriminate based on gender, age, educational institution, race, or religion. The Company also supports the employment of disadvantaged groups, such as people with disabilities in order to create career opportunities and generate stable income. This is part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the country and the world. This also creates a familial bond between personnel, employees and the Company.

Respect for Human Rights

The Company attaches importance to respecting human rights in every aspect, values the identity of each person by promoting and protecting rights, freedoms, and equitable treatment of employees. The Company resists actions that violate human rights in all cases, whether it is determining the qualifications of job applicants, creating awareness among employees to respect colleagues’ human rights, and keeping personal information of employees confidential after the termination of their employment.

Fair Treatment of Labor

The Company is growing rapidly, whether in regards to income or the size of the organization. However, the Company does not neglect to take into account the importance of personnel and the fair treatment of employees in all aspects. Employees have opportunities to freely express their opinions without any interference. The practice guidelines for employment, the payment of remuneration, welfare and labor rights were determined equitably and fairly, as well as the recruitment of employees.

The Company hired employees based on qualifications that are suitable for the organization and job position under the human resource management concept. The Company promoted fair employment without discrimination by not determining the qualifications of job applicants based on gender, race or religion. The Company does not support forced labor or child labor and does not enter into any transaction with trade partners or manufacturers who act accordingly. The Company also keeps the personal data of the job applicant confidential.

Data Protection of Employee

The Company placed a great emphasis on the data protection of job applicants and employees, whether they were current employees or former employees by setting regulations to control employee access and the dissemination of personal data. The Company must have consent from employees to access their personal data and privacy which is the personal right of employees.

Treating Employees with Respect in regards to Human Rights and Creating Awareness among Employees to Respect Human Rights

The Company respects the employees’ right to express opinions. This includes freedom of speech without interference and the right to obtain information or express opinions on various media. Communication channels were also created so that stakeholders can freely express their opinions. The Company promotes and appoints personnel based on abilities without any discrimination based on gender, race, religion, finances or social status.

Prevention of Human Rights Violations in the Workplace

The Company emphasized the importance of preventing human rights violations in human resource management because this is a fundamental right that everyone should have equally. The Company complied with strict regulations of employment and the treatment of employees in accordance with labor laws as well as considering issues that may violate human rights such gender discrimination in personnel employment. The Company mainly considered the abilities and the suitability of the job applicants, etc.

The Company recruited personnel by considering the qualifications that were suitable for the organization and job position under the Origin Culture Concept of Human Resource Management. This focuses on ownership, professionalism and friendliness without restrictions based on gender, age, race or religion. The Company gives importance to employees’ potential. The Company maintains a recruitment process to select suitable personnel for positions. This includes a pre-employment test for job positions to assess knowledge, abilities, attitude, and skills of candidates in order to ensure that employees can perform their duties effectively and happily. That is to say, getting a dream job and doing it well. The Company gave importance to the interview process to ensure that the appropriate personnel were selected to be a part of the team by using a Competency Based Interview Tool to find the most suitable candidates. The selection of suitable candidates is not only a good benefit for the Company, it also helps applicants that do not meet the qualifications not to waste their time by doing work that does not match their abilities as well.

In 2020, the Company hired 1,345 full-time and part-time employees. There were 793 female employees and 552 male employees. There were 694 employees who were under 30 years of age, 615 employees that were between the ages of 31-50, and 36 people were aged 51 and above. Management levels were divided as follows:

The Company supports human resource development to promote the potential of employees in each group in order to achieve common goals together in a win-win situation. In 2020, the Company developed an E-Learning program for employees to have access to skills training and development anytime, anywhere. The skills development guidelines are categorized as follows:

  • New Employee Training - The Company organized a program called “Onboard Training Program” that was designed to assist new employees to understand the corporate culture, basic information of the organization, the nature of business and related departments, as well as benefits and welfare for employees so that new employees are able to understand and adjust to the organization effectively. Origin School Program was designed to help new employees understand various projects of the Company through study visits. Employees receive advice from project managers and the relevant Management Teams which makes employees understand the business and working environment in their own department as well as other departments.
  • Employee Training - The Company organized a survey regarding the needs of training and development in order to gather the obtained information and create a Professional Development Program that is used in the Individual Development Program so that all employees have equal opportunities to achieve the goals based on the determination and dedication of each individual.
  • Management level Training - The Company took into account the importance of roles and responsibilities of employees in management level, whether they were low-level managers, middle-level managers, or top-level managers. A development plan was developed under the Origin Leadership Development program for the three management levels as follows:
    • Coach/Mentor & Situational Leadership Program was designed for low-level managers which includes managers to Assistant Vice-President.
    • Leadership as a Change Agent Program was designed for middle-level managers which includes Vice-President to Senior Vice-President
    • Visionary Leadership Program was designed for top-level managers which includes the rank of Executive Vice-President and higher.
  • Talent & Successor Employees Training - The Company developed a development program for employees who continue to have excellent performance and behavior. They are considered to participate in the successor employees training program in order to be equipped as a topmanagement level successor in the future.
  • On the Job Training - The Company sets job descriptions for employees to perform the actual work and learn at the same time by using experience as an important tool to train and develop skills

In 2020, the Company organized training programs to increase skills and potential for 1,345 employees for a total of 772 hours. The average number of hours for training and development was 1.74 hours per employee per year.

The Company established a policy for operational safety and strictly enforced it with employees and contractors. This was because the Company realized the importance of bringing an awareness of safety in the process as part of the Company’ success which must be done in order to achieve sustainable safety. This should be ingrained in the thought process of a work system. The Company provided a professional safety officer to oversee the safety of employees in the office and on the work site. The Company also instilled attitudes and understanding of the safety management and supervision for employees at all levels so that every employee was aware of the information related to safety, occupational health, and the environment from their own departments and the relevant external agencies.

Safety, occupational health, and the environment was communicated through various channels such as public announcements, public relations boards, the website, Facebook, and Line on a regular basis so that employees recognized the importance of safety, occupational health, and the environment at work. It also created awareness among operators in regards to safety and occupational health. The Company also organized an anti-drug campaign by randomly testing for drugs among workers to promote safety, occupational health, and a good work environment as well. The Company participated in the White Factory with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to show its intention to be a drug free office.

The Company assigned the departments that oversee the safety of construction projects to prepare safety reports for each project and propose them to the relevant people to acknowledge and assess safety standards in various aspects such as construction safety, and cleanliness and hygiene within the project and surrounding communities on a monthly basis. These assessment results can benefit or damage contractors and related persons who pass or fail the criteria. Moreover, the Company collected the assessment results in order to develop, change, and improve the safety policy in the future.

In addition, the Company set a policy to organize the work environment to make employees feel like they are at a second home. The Company focused on the well-being in the office by creating the Origin Heart Office (OHO) to create a good atmosphere and a suitable work environment. In addition, the Company took into account hygiene, cleanliness, and safety for the lives and property of employees. This included the good welfare and work environment of employees as well. The Company has management guidelines at headquarters and organizes activities in accordance with the additional health and safety policy. The Company aims to provide the safest work environment by controlling lighting to suit the tasks of employees, not placing any items that block the fire exits for safety in case an emergency occurs inside the building, dividing zones for eating and storing food for good hygiene. The Company also supports cleanliness management by getting the office cleaned every business day, in the morning and evening, and managing waste to get rid of perishable waste within 24 hours in the office.

In 2020, the Company continually developed and improved the efficiency of the safety operations to reduce the risk of illness, injury, or death in order to take care of the quality of life of employees appropriately. The Company organized a training program to promote safety and occupational health knowledge in both theory and practice for employees, workers, trade partners and business partners in order to create standards and enhance the management of safety and occupational health of operators as follows:

The Company organized training for fire drills and evacuations at each construction project once a year. This included lectures on fire drills, firefighting plans and methods, evacuation plans and procedures, searching for and helping victims, and first aid. This year, the Company organized a training for fire drills for 6 projects, totaling 300 people. This included:

  • Park Origin Thonglor Project
  • Park Origin Phayathai Project
  • Park Origin Rama 9 Project
  • Knightsbridge Agricultural Society Project
  • Knightsbridge Thepharak Project
  • The Origin Ramintra 83 Project

In addition, the Company organized meetings for safety and occupational health training as well as a site inspection for each project on a weekly basis. The topics covered the rules and regulations of the project which include how to put on personal protective equipment while working, working in heat and fire sparks, maintaining cleanliness in work areas and within the project areas, working with loud noises, work that scatters dust, working at heights, smoking in designated areas, and maintaining personal hygiene. This also included supervision and site inspections on personal protective equipment (PPE), electrical systems and Tower Cranes, etc. In the past year, there were 14 projects that organized safety and occupational health training and site inspection activities. They included:

  • Park Origin Thonglor Project
  • Park Origin Phayathai Project
  • Park Origin Ratchathewi Project
  • Park Origin Chula-Samyan Project
  • Park Origin Rama 9 Project • Knightsbridge Agricultural Society Project
  • Knightsbridge Space Ratchayothin Project
  • Knightsbridge Collage 107 Project
  • Knightsbridge Thepharak Project
  • The Origin Ladprao 23 Project
  • The Origin Ramintra 83 Project
  • The Origin Ramkhamhaeng 209 Project
  • The Origin Sukhumvit 105 Project
  • Tropicana Bearing 4 Project

According to the standards creation and continual improvement of the safety and occupational health of employees on an annual basis, it was found that, in 365 days, out of the 14 construction projects, employees and workers only had 14 minor injuries that did not require a leave of absence. There were no cases of injury that needed a leave of absence for more than 3 days and 7 days.

In addition, there was also a crisis from the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 in which the Company had to deal with at the time. As a result, the Company established measures to protect and care for the safety of all employees in the organization including other measures to facilitate convenience for employees in case of an emergency in order to ensure that the measures were suitable for the situation and in line with the business operations. This was done to create confidence in the preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus in the Company.

  • • Grouped employees that needed to work from home or a remote site such as the Company’s projects that were near the staff accommodations in order to mitigate travel risk.
  • Communicated a goal to be a “Zero COVID-19 Organization” to keep all employees and residents safe from the epidemic. This helped keep communities and society safe and reduced the spread of disease. This also helped the business and customer service not to be disrupted and minimized the impact on the livelihoods of residents in the juristic projects that the Company provided management services.
  • Prepared the IT Infrastructure and computer backup system and procedures, as well as testing to ensure that, in case of an emergency, employees and the Company could use the backup system within the specified period.
  • Organized online meeting to reduce travelling risk for employees though applications such as MS. Team, Line, or Zoom at 9:00 am to check employee availability and workplace. In the evenings, teach team would summarize problems and obstacles at work. The My Origin system was also used to monitor the work of employees

The Company’s Value is the heart of corporate culture that brings people as the main force to driving the organization to success. This is done by creating attitudes and behaviors of employees to have the same goal throughout the organization.

Ownership - Employees contribute to success and jointly own Origin by communicating a good brand image and participating in project activities.

Professional & Friendly - Be professional and friendly, create a working network, be responsible for the assigned work in order to achieve corporate goals.

The Company established engagement guidelines in the organization and retained employees so that business can grow steadily by promoting the performance of employees and determining a remuneration structure and welfare that motivates employees. Remuneration must be paid appropriately in accordance with the performance and ability, at least higher than the minimum wages set by the government. The salary structure was set in accordance with the knowledge, ability and the performance of employees as well. In addition, the Company annually collaborates with institutions that conduct wage surveys to ensure that the Company’s salary structure is suitable and competitive to the labor market. The Company determined to increase the annual salary and bonuses for employees twice a year (in December and March) by adopting the Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to evaluate employee’s goals and performance. This included a 360-degree evaluation based on the Core Competency, which is the core culture of the organization. This is used as a tool to assess the performance of employees, departments, and the operating results of the Company in accordance with the Performance Based Pay principle for fairness. In addition, the Company gave priority to the well-being of the employees. Therefore, the Company provided basic welfare and additional benefits to employees as follows:

Group 1: Monetary Benefits

- The Provident Funds were set up to set aside savings and give assurance to employees and their families. The amount of an employees’ contribution is on a voluntary basis and the working experience of the employee. The maximum employee contribution rate is no more than 15% and the Company’s contribution rate is between 3%-7%.

- The allocation of Employee Stock Ownership Plan or ESOP to each group of employees as approved by the Board of Directors in order to reward employees who contribute to the success of the organization and create sustainable wealth for employees as well.

- Group insurance benefits for employees consist of life insurance and health insurance. This privilege is granted to all employees after completing a probation. Employees are entitled to life insurance and health insurance in accordance with the Company plan. Employees receive higher coverage according to their job level.

- Dental Care Employees can request for a reimbursement for dental fees each year. This is a special coverage that the Company offers to employees, not relevant to any insurance companies. Employees can make a request for dental fees at an initial limit of 3,000 - 6,000 Baht per year.

- The Company allocates an annual travel budget once a year for employees to have fun, build friendships and relationships with employees. This allows employees to relieve stress from work.

- The Company allocates a budget for a quarterly party. All employees are able to request money for a party once a quarter. The Company gives rewards to encourage employees who achieved the set goal and fringe benefits as well.

- The Company provides scholarships for master’s degree programs for employees who wish to further their study. The Company will set a scholarship committee to select employees who receive a master’s degree scholarship in accordance with the Company’s terms and conditions.

- Privileges to purchase the Company’s real estate project. All employees have a privilege to purchase the Company’s real estate projects. This was done to reduce expenses and help employees to have a better quality of life.

Group 2: Non-Monetary Benefits

- Annual health checks. The Company has a policy to encourage employees to have good health and has collaborated with leading hospitals and clinics to organize an annual health check-up program for employees.

- The Company organizes annual parties twice a year one at the beginning of the year and the other in the middle of the year in order to build relationships between employees, have fun, and allow employees to relax.

- The Company provided a Sim Card to facilitate convenience in the work of every employee when making connections over the phone with people inside and outside the Company. The Company is responsible for the expenses.

- The Company provided assistance to employees for various occasions such as childbirth, giving gift baskets to patients who are hospitalized, and giving bereavement money for the death of a family member.

In addition, the Company gives importance to personnel by providing welfare and creating a professional & friendly work culture. The Company also creates communication guidelines to understand and listen to employees’ needs through various activities and channels.

  • Established a Welfare Committee in accordance with the Labor Protection Act 2541, Section 96 which stipulates that any organization that has more than 50 employees must establish a Welfare Committee. The Company complied with the required law, whether it is the recruitment process or the selection of the Welfare Committee, as well as the role, duties and responsibilities of employees’ representative to propose the needs and opinions regarding administration, policies, welfare and the well-being of employees to the Board of director’s meeting on a quarterly basis
  • Create a questionnaire to survey satisfaction and the organizationalengagement of employeesIn order to hear opinions and the needs of employees at all levels by allowing employees to complete a survey online which is confidential information between each employee and Human Resources. After receiving the survey results, the Company takes action to improve issues that affect the environment, welfare, and other issues related to the performance of the employees
  • Establish guidelines to report complaints In the event that an employee who is unsatisfied or has suffered from their duties, whether it is the result of working conditions, employment, commands, assignment, remuneration or other benefits that violate human rights and labor laws or any improper practice between the Company or supervisors to employee or between employees. The employees informed their displeasure or suffering to the Company so that the Company can take corrective action or stop the incident in order to create a good relationship between the Company and the employee so that employees can work happily.
  • Organized Origin Day activities every quarter to create a communication channel for vision, business operations, goals, quarterly results, and build relationships with employees so that employees can acknowledge the direction of the organization.

In addition, the Company provided opportunities for non-sales employees to participate in sales under the “Everyone Can Sell” project that allows all employees to find customers and sell the Company’s products. This project was created to resolve employee engagement under a win-win concept. On top of generating additional income for employees, the Company was successful in generating more sales from target groups. This project helped employees have a better understanding of the Company’s products and services. This is considered employee development that enables employees to have various abilities, be able to communicate, and build confidence in the Company’s products and services as well.

In 2020, the Company used surveys to understand the perspective, needs, and expectations of employees. The results were analyzed to create an employee engagement process that is even more effective. This year, there were 670 employees who resigned voluntarily which accounted for 49.62% of the turnover rate. Employee resignations under a year of employment was 63% and workers with daily wages was 22.53%. The Company took action to build employee confidence and adjusted the operations to suit the COVID-19 pandemic by providing appropriate workplaces for employees to reduce travel risk from public transport when employees were travelling for work and arranging performance appraisals for job promotions in accordance with individual characteristics and competencies of employees in order to increase work efficiency and create career advancement in the future.

The Company aims to be a leader in integrated real estate development by delivering quality products that meet the needs and lifestyles of customers, whether in terms of location, modern functionality, and practicality that comes with safety and comfort at valuable and affordable prices. The Company focuses on product and service development to keep up with the changing needs of customers and modern technology

Presently, the Company offers and delivers products and services in a variety of styles that are characterized by design and technological innovations that are suitable for each customer target group who have different preferences and lifestyles. For example, the Company created a “Smart Platform” that focuses on future technologies to help residents have a more convenient lifestyle by introducing technology and innovations in residence management and responding to the new normal living.

In 2020, the Company expanded the project developments to the EEC Zone or the Eastern Economic Corridor in order to support economic growth from the Eastern Economic Corridor development. This will be a large industrial hub of the country in the future because of its increased investments and competitiveness through the support of the public and private sectors.

The Company developed Origin Smart City Rayong Project by adopting IoT(Internet of Things) and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies for new alternative energy-saving technologies in facilities, energy, and resource management, as well as developing and managing energy and resources to make Origin Smart City Rayong, the most complete smart city by bringing AIoT Facility Management to building management, monitoring, analysis and automation in energy, and environment and safety, which improves the quality of life for the project’s residents. In addition, the Origin Smart City Rayong Project was also awarded a Smart City Promotion Certificate from the Smart City Development Steering Committee, organized by The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES). This represented 1 of 13 Smart City projects in Thailand Smart City Week 2020 by raising the standards of residential projects with innovation and technology. A concept of multi-functional “Smart Product” was combined with “Service Excellence” to partly represent the characteristics of the Smart City of Rayong so that the residents can live more conveniently

Origin Smart City Rayong developed a Smart Platform for future living that effectively combines technology and innovation together. In the Smart City Project, electronic innovations were developed in various forms. They are as follows:

Responds to modern living with “Home Automation” that controls in-room electronic devices with applications and “Intelligence Facilities” technology in modern common areas to support the new normal lifestyle.

Home Automation

- Digital Door Locks - controls door locks through the application.

- Motion Sensor Nightlights - an automatic on and off light sensor that creates safety and comfort in low-light areas, when someone walks past the sensor, the lights will turn on automatically.

- Lighting Control - controls light switches in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom via smartphones.

- Air Control - controls the air-conditioning temperature system through the application.

Intelligence Facility

  • Smart Security makes living extremely safe with state-of-the-art technology. This includes:

    - VDO Door Phones - another level of security that gives peace of mind and keeps residents safe. Residents can see faces and chat with visitors. This system was installed in the lobby.

    - Auto Barrier Gates - an automatic barrier system that has a key card access control system to enter the project.

    - Plate Recognition - an automatic license plate recognition system used for the safety of people who enter the project.

    - CCTV system - closed circuit cameras were installed throughout the project.

  • VR Fitness - beat workout boredom with virtual reality technology, a modern virtual technology that makes you feel as if you can exercise anywhere in the world.
  • Smart Locker - a safe intelligent locker system that secures 24-hour access storage via mobile application.
  • WIFI Common Area - provides unlimited internet access in the common area.
  • Smart Screens - smart screens were installed in the common area with Scene Setting Reports that show various information so that you can be prepared for any situation.

    - Google Map Report: shows traffic reports

    - Screen Fresh Air PM 2.5: shows PM 2.5 reports

    - Weather & Temperature Forecasts: shows temperature and weather reports

    - Paperless Society Announcements: uses electronic announcements to reduce paper use and stop global warming

  • Wireless Charging - wireless charging devices for smartphones were provided in the common area.

The City of Renewable Energy with the ‘ENERGY Management System’’ concept creates a good quality of life for residents and maximizes the cost-effective use of energy. The Company efficiently developed and managed electrical energy with modern technology to keep up with changing technology and innovation

  • Solar Cell Electrical energy from the sun is a clean source of energy that never runs out. The common area of the project can generate electricity from solar energy to save the common charges on electricity and reduce global warming.
  • Smart Shelter Smart stations generate solar energy via solar cells. Smart Screens were installed to report traffic conditions, the temperature and weather as well as PM 2.5 levels. Wireless chargers for smartphones were also provided as well as bike sharing and bicycle parking spots.
  • EV Charger An electric charging station for automotive batteries within the “Smart City” areas.
  • Smart LAMP Censor An automatic light control system with sensors that helps save electricity and common charges.
  • PEA Hero Platform An energy management system from the Provincial Electricity Authority that effectively manages energy. This includes inspections and maintenance services for electrical systems in Smart City.

New ways of living that complete desired lifestyles. Origin applied the concept of a mixed-use kingdom which offers one-stop service to support modern lifestyles with a cashless society, an alternative of cashless payments, with E-Payment or QR Code Payment that makes living more convenient than ever.

In addition, the Company collaborated with Primo Service Solution Company Limited for upscale project management for juristic persons in Origin Smart City Rayong Project by monitoring and supervising AIoT Facility Management in order to solve any problems with facilities and reduce the unnecessary energy loss that comes from system malfunctions such as leaky pipes or fluid leaks in the air conditioning systems. This helped reduce the cost of electricity and equipment repairs by more than 20%.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company adjusted the sales model to match consumer behavior and social distancing measures to reduce public exposure risk. The Company considered using an online platform for project sales to reach accessibility solutions for consumers and reduce the burden of queueing up to purchase projects like in the past. This is the first time in the Thailand real estate industry that full-fledged sales campaigns were promoted on the online platform, beginning with reservations, room selection and payment. Since there were no costs for the development of sales offices and related expenses, consumers can purchase products at lower prices and access a wider range of products.

The Company offered customers an opportunity to express their opinions in order to use the analyzed data to improve and develop products to meet the needs of customers in order to create customer service satisfaction and increase customer loyalty to the organization. This was part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Complaint channels were provided to solve customer problems. There were 3 complaint channels. These included the Call Center: 020 300 000; www.origin.co.th; and Facebook: Origin Property.

The Company continually developed products and services to meet customer satisfaction with responsibility, honesty and ethics. In 2020, the Company received compliments through the call center 169 times. There were 91 customer complaints on important issues. The Company has already dealt with such complaints.

In regards to products and services development, the proportion of comments and complaints through the Call Center system in 2020 was down to 91 times from 148 times in 2019.

Year Compliments / Times Complaints/ Times
2019 266 148
2020 169 91

In addition to customer complaints management, the Company also prepared management methods to prevent repeated complaints in order to create satisfaction for the best interests of customers. The complaint management period is as follows:

  • Within 1 hour of receiving a complaint - Contact the complainant to inquire about the facts and notify the CCM department to keep record of the information.
  • Within 24 hours (1 day) of receiving a complaint - Summarize facts and the initial complaint handling guidelines. Notify the CCM department to keep record of the information.
  • Within 72 hours (3 days) of receiving a complaint - Summarize complaint solutions in writing (MOU) to close the complaint in accordance with the required form and notify the CCM department to keep record of the information.
  • Within 24 hours (1 day) of receiving a closing complaint as evidence - the CCM department must confirm the closing of the complaint and notify CCM department to keep record of the information.
  • Manage complaints according to the impact level of the customer.
  • Apply complaints to create a Q&A to communicate the next incident.

The Company operates its business under the law, rules, and related regulations as well as morality and good corporate governance principles. The Company respects the rights and coordinates benefits of various groups of stakeholders as required by the law. The Company believes that operating business with validity, transparency and fairness is the most fundamental aspect of a sustainable Company.

The Company set guidelines for the following matters so that all stakeholders have clear practice guidelines

Internal Organization

The Company cares for the physical and mental health of employees by providing a suitable work environment, developing the knowledge and skills of employees at all levels on a regular basis, adhering to human rights principles, respecting the individuality of employees, encouraging employees to have public consciousness, and participating with activities related to the environment, society, youth and the disadvantaged people. The Company offers opportunities to anyone who is knowledgeable, competent and qualified to work with the Company without prejudice based on race, religion, gender and age.

External Organization

The Company gives importance to trade partners and business partners regarding intellectual property and financial institutions by setting fair, clear, transparent procurement. The Company selects contractors with fairness, gives fair opportunities to compete without discrimination or prejudice based on physical, mental, race, religion, gender, age, and education. In addition, business confidential information such as prices, terms, and conditions are not disclosed to the Company’s trade partners.

In regards to financial institutions, the Company committed to making on-time payments as agreed upon. In terms of intellectual property or copyrights, the Company has a policy to use only copyrighted computer programs and images published on media such as the internet, billboards, brochures must be legally copyrighted or obtain permission from the copyright owner.

Community and Society Engagement

In 2020, the Company improved the quality of life and promoted community engagement through various activities in order to build good relationships. The Company gave importance to stakeholders that were involved as follows:

  • “Origin Family Run 2020” was organized for residents and the general public to promote health through running in order to strengthen family bonds and return profits to society. The Company contributed a portion of the income after deducting expenses in an amount of 100,000 Baht to the CCF Foundation for Children and Youth Under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Siam Boromrajakumari in order to give opportunities for underprivileged children to have a better quality of life.
  • The Company donated 1,000,000 Baht to 9 hospitals included Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, Rajavithi Hospital, Chonburi Hospital, Rayong Hospital, Siriraj Hospital Samut Prakan Hospital, Bangpakong Hospital, Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital, and Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital to purchase necessary equipment, surgical masks and personal protective equipment for COVID-19, etc. for medical personnel in order to treat and prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Employees of Origin and Primo collaborated with the National Blood Center and the Thai Red Cross Society to organize a blood donation activity in order to be used in blood banks and help extend the lives of fellow human beings in various situations. A total of 49 units of blood were received which represented 22,050 CC of blood.
  • The Company donated 5,000 pieces of FIT Shield masks which were specially designed by the ATOM DESIGN to medical personnel in 25 hospitals at Bangkok and other provinces that still lacked equipment to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • The Company donated 600 Korean banyan trees to improve the landscape and increase green space around the FAAMAI Digital Arts Hub, Chulalongkorn University. This is equivalent to 14.52 tons of carbon dioxide absorption per year