Driving Business For Sustainability

Origin Property Public Company Limited operated its business in accordance with the sustainable development guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, whether in the environmental, social or corporate governance dimensions in order to develop and deliver quality products with good services that meet the needs of customers as well as developing the organization for sustainable growth under the corporate governance code with responsibility to society and all stakeholders


The Company is committed to anti-corruption and conducts business with transparency, being responsible to society and all stakeholders in accordance with good corporate governance principles. The Company is a member of the Thai Private Sector Collective Action Coalition and expresses a firm intention that the Company will not accept any forms of corruption. This has been communicated inside and outside the organization through various operations in accordance with the guidelines of the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD).

The Company set anti-corruption policies and measures as well as related policies/notifications in writing. These included a whistleblowing policy, gift giving/receiving policy, and an operations manual for fraud risk processes. This was communicated to all directors, executives and employees to acknowledge, be aware of the importance, implement them in the same direction, and be ready to take part in driving the organization to achieve anti-corruption in order to become a good corporate culture. Moreover, the Company provided whistleblowing channels that were convenient, fast and safe for whistleblowers. There were processes/measures after receiving a whistleblowing report in order to deal with corruption complaints effectively and efficiently

The Company was certified as a member of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition for Thailand on August 8, 2019. This shows that the Company has the intention to conduct business with corporate governance and transparency as well as continuing to promote anti-corruption in its business operations.The Company remains committed to developing and supporting anti-corruption and complies with corporate governance principles.