Fair Operating Practices

Our vision is to become a fully integrated real estate development company and develop the organization for sustainable growth under good corporate governance by delivering good products and services and being customer centered and our mission is to be attentive to the needs of every customer in all aspects by designing and developing projects creatively to deliver products and services that satisfy our customers including an emphasis on developing personnel and growing our organization sustainably in cooperation with our trade partners, customers, shareholders, business allies, employees and society.This resulted in a policy that focuses on sustainable development in all the following areas:

Fair Operating Practices

The Company conducts business under the laws, rules, regulations and related criteria as well as moral and good corporate governance principles. The Company looks after the rights of stakeholders as specified by the law and generates benefits appropriately because the Company believes that the most important foundation for being a company that has sustainable growth under corporate governance is operating with accuracy, transparency and fairness. This is the working principle that the Company always upholds and the Company has clear guidelines for both internal and external organizations. These included:

Within the Organization

Care for employees so that they are healthy physically and mentally by providing an appropriate working environment, regularly developing the knowledge and skills of employees at all levels, adhering to the principles that respect human rights and the individuality of employees. The Company encourages employees to have public consciousness and participate in activities related to the environment, society, youth and disadvantaged people. The Company also offers opportunities for knowledgeable people, who have appropriate qualifications, to work with the Company without discriminating against race, religion, gender or age.

Outside the Organization

The Company gives importance to trade partners and business allies regarding copyrights and financial institutions. In regards to the business alliances and trade partners, the Company’s procurement is fair, clear and transparent. The Company selects contractors with equality, give opportunities for fair competition, does not discriminate or favor on the basis of physical appearance, mental, race, religion, gender, age, education, and does not disclose confidential business information such as the conditions or prices with the Company’s trade partners. The Company is faithful to the financial institutions by making payments on time. In regards to the Intellectual Property or Copyright: The Company has a policy to use only copyrighted computer programs and images published through various media such as the internet, billboards, brochures. The copyrighted images are legitimate and received permission from the copyright owner.