Our vision is to become a fully integrated real estate development company and develop the organization for sustainable growth under good corporate governance by delivering good products and services and being customer centered and our mission is to be attentive to the needs of every customer in all aspects by designing and developing projects creatively to deliver products and services that satisfy our customers including an emphasis on developing personnel and growing our organization sustainably in cooperation with our trade partners, customers, shareholders, business allies, employees and society.This resulted in a policy that focuses on sustainable development in all the following areas:

Respecting Human Rights

The Company upholds and respects human rights in all aspects because we take into account the value of each individual's identity by promoting and protecting rights and liberties, treating one other equitably, fighting against all acts that violate human rights, whether it is determining the qualifications of applicant, raising awareness among employees to respect colleague’s human rights and not disclosing personal information of employees after they are dismissed. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Respecting Human Rights regarding Employees Employment: The Company employs employees by considering qualifications that are appropriate for the organization and position under the concept of human resource management. The Company promotes fair employment, does not discriminate against any differences by not discriminating the qualifications of job applicants in regards to gender, ethnicity, or religion. The Company does not support forced labor, child labor and will not engage in any transactions with trade partners or manufacturers who have done accordingly. The personal information in the job application is confidential.
  • Caring for Employees with Respect to Human Rights and Creating an Awareness among Employees to Respect One Another’s Human Rights. The Company respects the rights of employees to express opinions. This includes the freedom to comment without interference, get information or opinions through various media. The Company also provides channels for communication to listen to the opinions of stakeholders which includes promotions and assignments. The Company will make a selection based on the abilities without discriminating on the basis of gender, race, religion, economics or social status.
  • Personal Information Protection of Employees: The Company attaches importance to keep the personal information of job applicants and employees confidential, whether they are current employees or former employees by issuing regulations and controlling the rights to access and disseminate personal information of employees. the Company must have a permission from employees to access their data and personal information which is the personal rights of the employee.