Our vision is to become a fully integrated real estate development company and develop the organization for sustainable growth under good corporate governance by delivering good products and services and being customer centered and our mission is to be attentive to the needs of every customer in all aspects by designing and developing projects creatively to deliver products and services that satisfy our customers including an emphasis on developing personnel and growing our organization sustainably in cooperation with our trade partners, customers, shareholders, business allies, employees and society.This resulted in a policy that focuses on sustainable development in all the following areas:

Fair Labor Practices

Although the Company had a rapid growth rate whether it is in revenue or the size of the organization. However, the Company did not neglect to take into account the importance of personnel in setting operating guidelines, compensation, benefits and labor rights that are equal and fair. The Company determined the following principles for recruitment and selection of employees.

  • 1. Recruiting Employee by Considering Suitable Qualifications for the Organization and Position

    The recruitment is based on the concept of Human Resources Management in Origin Culture style that focuses on Ownership, being Professional & Friendly with no restrictions regarding gender, age, ethnicity or religion, but pays attention to people's potential. The Company maintains recruitment procedure that is suitable for the position. A job knowledge test is given to measure the knowledge and ability of the applicants. The work attitudes and competency assessment tests for each position are for the benefit of employees to be able to work successfully and happily. That is to say, get the job they want to do and do it well. The Company pays attention to the interview process to select and ensure that the right personnel is chosen to be on the team. This is done by using the Competency Based Interview tool as an interview guideline in order to find the most suitable applicant. The Company believes that the selection of suitable applicants is beneficial not only for the Company, but helps the applicants who do not meet the qualifications not waste their time on the work that does not match their ability.

  • 2. Personnel Training to Promote and Develop the Potential of Employees in Each Group:

    Being able to achieve the common goals as a win-win situation for the organization and employees. In 2019, the Company developed an E-Learning program for employees to access learning and improve their work abilities at any time or anywhere. The Company set guidelines to develop employees' potential. This is divided into the following various groups:

    • New Employee Training: The Company set up training for new employees to understand the corporate culture, basic information of the organization, and related agencies as well as understand the business nature of the Company, and information about benefits and welfare which employees will receive so that employees are able to effectively learn and adapt to the organization with the Onboard Training Program. The Company also arranged for new employees to join the Origin School project which was organized with the objective to bring new employees to learn about the Company's various projects. Throughout the time that employees learned about the work, employees received advice from the project team and related management teams which enables employees to better understand the business and the working environment of their department and other departments as well.
    • All Employee Training: The Company provides a survey on the necessity of training and development in order to use the acquired information to create a Professional Development Program which is used for the Individual Development Program. All employees will have equal opportunity to achieve goals depending on their determination and dedication for their work.
    • Management Level Employee Training: The Company takes into account the importance of the role and responsibilities of employees at the management level, whether they are First-Line Managers, Middle Managers or Top Managers. The following development plan for the 3 levels of management was determined under the Origin Leadership Development Program.
      • Coach/Mentor & Situational Leadership Program for First-Line Managers which are people at levels ranging from Manager to Assistant Vice President.
      • Leadership as a Change Agent Program for Middle Managers which are people at levels ranging from Vice President to the Senior Vice President.
      • Visionary Leadership Program for senior Top Managers which are people at levels beginning at Executive Vice President or higher.
    • Talent & Successor Employees:The Company set up a plan to develop employees who has excellent performance continuously to be considered joining in development courses to be a successor of Top Managers in the future.
  • 3. Appropriate Remuneration for Performance and Abilities:

    Remuneration must not be less than the minimum wage required by the government. Salary structure must be determined in accordance with the knowledge, ability, and performance of employee. In addition, the Company collaborated with a wage survey institute every year in order to ensure that the salary structure is appropriate and competitive in the labor market. The Company increases annual salary and bonus for employees twice a year (December and March). This is done by using a Balanced Scorecard System and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to clearly identify the goals and performance of each employee. This includes a 360 degrees evaluation according to the Core Competency which is the main corporate culture of the Company to evaluate performance of employees, departments, and the Company's operating results based on the remuneration payment of Performance Based Pay principles in order to be fair. In addition, the Company gives importance to the well-being of employees. Thus, the Company provided basic welfare and additional welfare for employees as follows:

    Group 1: Monetary Benefits
    • Provident Fund: The Company provided a provident fund for the purpose of savings and creating security for employees and families. The rate of employee savings and the Company's contribution rate is between 3%-7%.
    • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is given to each group of employees as approved by the Board of Directors. This is a return for employees that work for the organization's success and for the sustainable prosperity of the employees as well.
    • Group Insurance for Employee Benefits consists of life insurance and health insurance. All employees will receive this benefit after passing the probation. The coverage plan for life insurance and health insurance is determined by the Company and employees will receive higher coverage based on their position.
    • The rights to claim annual dental fees. Each year, employees can claim dental fees which is a special protection that the Company paid for employees themselves. This was not related to any insurance companies. Employees can claim their dental fees, with a limit of 3,000-6,000 Baht per year.
    • The Company allocates a budget for an annual trip (Department Trip) once a year which creates enjoyment, builds friendships and enhances good relationships with employees. This trip allows employees to relax from the stress of work.
    • The Company allocates a budget for a quarterly party. All employees are able to disburse money for a party once every quarter. Gratuity is awarded to encourage employees who can achieve the set goals. Gratuities are also given for other special occasions as well.
    • The Company provides a Master's degree scholarship for employees who are interested in furthering their study. The Company has a committee that selects employees to receive a Master's degree scholarship in accordance with the Company's conditions
    • Privilege to purchase the Company's development project. All employees have equal privilege to purchase development project of the Company which helps reduce the cost of living and support employees to have a better quality of life.
    Group 2: Non-Monetary Benefits
    • Annual health check-up. Due to the Company's policy to promote good health of employees, the Company collaborated with hospitals and leading health clinics to organize an annual health checkup program for employees.
    • The Company has arranged a biannual reception twice a year, once at the beginning of the year and again at mid-year in order to entertain employees and allow employees to relax.
    • The Company provides uniforms for employees at all levels.
    • The Company prepared a SIM Card for all employees in order to facilitate employees contacting others within the organization and outside the organization. The Company is responsible for the expenses.
    • The Company provided assistance to employees on various occasions, such as helping with child birth, giving gift baskets while visiting patients admitted in the hospital, or offering help at the death of a family member.
  • 4. Determining Policies and Practices in Regards to the Employee's Rights to Engage or Negotiate with Employers

    The Company places great importance to personnel, which is reflecting on the benefits, activities and the work culture in a professional & friendly way. Moreover, the Company has guidelines to communicate, understand and listen to the needs of employees in various channels. This includes:

    • The establishment of a benefit committee according to the Labor Protection Act, 1998, section 96, which requires that establishments with more than 50 employees are required to elect a benefit committee. As a result, the Company complied with the law whether in the recruiting process, selecting the benefit committee as well as the role of employee representative in making requests and opinions about management, policies, benefits and the welfare of employees through quarterly meetings of benefit committee.
    • Making satisfaction and organizational commitment survey to listen to the opinions and needs of employees at all levels by allowing employees to answer online questionnaires which are confidential between each employee and the Human Resource department. After receiving the survey results, the Company made improvements in matters that affect the environment, benefits and other matters related to the performance of employees.
    • The Company set guidelines for complaints in the case that employees are dissatisfied or suffering from their job whether it is work conditions, working environment, commands, orders, assignments, remuneration, or other benefits or inappropriate practices between the Company or supervisors to employees or between employees and when employees present their dissatisfaction or suffering to the Company so that the Company can solve or stop the event. This is done in order to have a good relationship between the Company and its employees and so that employees can work happily.
  • 5. Human Rights Abuses Preventive Procedures in the Workplace

    The Company recognizes the importance of the prevention of human rights abuses in human resources management because it is a fundamental right that everyone has equitably. The Company strictly observed the laws, rules and regulations related to employment and treat employees according to the labor laws. The Company also considered issues that may have an impact on human rights abuses. For example, there is no gender restrictions when hiring staff. The Company will consider the ability and suitability of the job applicant, etc.

  • 6. Complaint Channels Regarding Human Rights Abuses

    The Company set up channels to file complaints about human rights abuses. The procedures and process are defined as follows:

    • Scope and Meaning: Complaints/Whistleblowing refer to cases where employees are dissatisfied or suffering from work whether work conditions, working environment, commands, orders, assignments, remuneration, or other benefits that violate human rights and labor laws or inappropriate practices between the Company or supervisors to employees or between employees and when employees present their dissatisfaction or suffering to the Company so that the Company can solve or stop the event. This is done in order to have a good relationship between the Company and its employees and so that employees can work happily.
    • Methods and Procedures: Employees who are dissatisfied or distressed by the work stated above should file a complaint to their supervisors directly or to the first level supervisor immediately except when the matter relates to their supervisor. The Complaints must be notified to a higher-level supervisor.
    • Investigation and Consideration: When a supervisor receives a complaint from an employee, the supervisor needs to investigate the facts of the complaint quickly and as detailed as possible, either in person or with the help of staff. The employee filing the complaints must provide detailed facts to the supervisor. After the facts have been investigated, the supervisor needs to consider the complaint. If the matter is within the scope of supervisor's authority and the supervisor can correct it, then the supervisor shall correct the matter quickly and notify the complainant as well as reporting the matter to the employer. If the complaint is beyond the scope of the supervisor's authority, the supervisor shall submit the complaint, together with proposals for correction or opinions to a higher-level supervisor. The higher-level supervisors shall conduct inspections and consider the complaints in the same way that the first level supervisor did. Each supervisor level must deal with the complaints quickly, no longer than 7 days.
    • The Complaint Settlement Process: When the supervisor at each level has considered the complaint, resolved or terminated the incident and notified the employee who filed the complaint, if the employee is satisfied, promptly notify the supervisor. However, if the employee who filed the complaint is unsatisfied, an appeal must be done by filling out a form provided by the Company and submitted to a supervisor within 7 days from the date that the employee was notified of the results from a supervisor. The top supervisor will consider the appeal and proceed to rectify or terminate the case according to the complaint and notify the results of the consideration to the employee who filed the complaint within 15 days. Therefore, the decision of the top supervisor or the authorized person is considered to be complete and all parties must comply.
    • Complaints Protection and Related Persons: Complaints that are done in good faith always generate a great benefit for both the Company and its employees. Therefore, the employee who filed the complaint, Company, people who gave a statement, information, facts, witness or evidence about the complaint including employees who considered the complaint when done in good faith, even if may cause problems for the Company, the Company guarantees that these events will not be the cause of dismissal, punishment or have an adverse effect on the stated employees.
  • 7. Health and Safety at Work

    The Company set safety policies for working and strictly enforces it on employees and contractors performing various tasks. The Company recognizes the need to make safety consciousness a part of success in Safety in Process, which must be done in order to create a sustainable safety work and to make it engrained in the thinking process of work. The Company provided professional safety officers to oversee the safety of employees in the office and on the worksite. The Company creates a consciousness for an understanding of safety management and safety supervision for employees at every level in order to have an understanding of work and acknowledge information about safety, occupational health and the environment from their own department and other related agencies.

    The Company communicated safety, occupational health and environment for work through multiple channels, such as wire broadcasting, public relations boards, websites, Facebook and Line regularly in order to enable employees to realize the importance of work on the foundation of safety, occupational health and the environment. It also creates a consciousness of security for workers in occupational health and safety. It can be seen from the injury statistics that no one has been injured at the office and at the work site. The Company also organized anti-drug campaigns by randomly screening for substance abuse in the workplace to promote safety, occupational health and the environment in good work. The Company also joined the White Factory Project with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to show its intention of keeping the office drug-free consistently.

    The Company assigned relevant departments to be responsible for the safety of various construction projects in order to prepare a safety report for each project which is presented to related parties for their acknowledgement and to evaluate safety in various areas, such as building safety, cleanliness and sanitation within the project and neighboring communities. This is continually evaluated every month. There are benefits and consequences for contractors and other involved persons who pass and did not pass the evaluation criteria. The Company also collected the assessment results in order to further develop, modify and improve the safety policy.

    In addition, the Company set up a policy of working environment for employees by focusing on creating a feeling that employees are in their second home. The Company places importance on the office's livelihood under the name Origin Heart Office (OHO) in order to provide a workplace and environment with a good atmosphere which is suitable for work. In addition, the Company also considers health, cleanliness and safety regarding employees' lives and property. This includes the good welfare of employees and the working environment. The Company has guidelines for the management of headquarters and organizes various activities to comply with the following additional health and safety policies.

    • The Company organized activities to promote exercise within the office during the evening, after work by coordinating with experts in various activities to educate and lead exercises such as yoga, Zumba dance, or aerobics for good health.
    • The Company organized a sport day. There were competitions, and points were collected in various programs to encourage employees to exercise. An Annual Sport Day was organized.
    • The Company provided relaxing neck and shoulder massages for employees to relax from the stress of work and reduce the incidents of office syndrome. The Company hired neck and shoulder massage specialists which were stationed at headquarters in order to offer massage services to employees.
    • The Company provided the safest working environment by controlling lighting to be suitable for the work of employees. A policy that prohibits the placement of anything in the fire escape in order to be safe in case an emergency occurs in the building. The Company also created a dining zone and a food storage zone for good hygiene.
    • Cleanliness management. The Company arranged office cleaning in the morning and evening of every work day. This includes waste management so that there is no degradable waste in the office area for more than 24 hours.