Our vision is to become a fully integrated real estate development company and develop the organization for sustainable growth under good corporate governance by delivering good products and services and being customer centered and our mission is to be attentive to the needs of every customer in all aspects by designing and developing projects creatively to deliver products and services that satisfy our customers including an emphasis on developing personnel and growing our organization sustainably in cooperation with our trade partners, customers, shareholders, business allies, employees and society. As a result, our Company is committed to and empowering our employees to bring these concepts into corporate social responsibilities as follows;


The Company has a policy not to support any kind of corruption and prohibits directors, executives and employees at all levels to conduct, accept or support corruption by demanding, accepting or participating in corruption, either directly or indirectly, to benefit the organization, one's self, family, friends and acquaintances or for the benefit of the business. This policy covers every business and every department related to the Company in order to prevent such persons from acting or ignoring their duties to wrongfully obtain or maintain business benefits. The Company will not demote, reduce penalties or negatively affect employees who reject corruption even though such actions will cause the Company to lose business opportunities. The implementation of this anticorruption policy is regularly reviewed in order to be in accordance with the amendments of the rules, regulations, and legal requirements of the business and under good morals. If there is any violation which supports, helps or cooperates with corruption, such persons will be considered for punishment according to the Company regulations and/or the relevant laws. The Company announced its intention to become a coalition of the Thai private sector in order to fight against corruption on June 6, 2018. This is done by giving importance and commitment to conducting business with morals and ethics, managing the business with transparency in accordance with good corporate governance principles in order to have effective business operations, be responsible to society and all stakeholders for the long--term sustainable growth of the organization.

The Company's Board of Directors and senior executives established anti-corruption policies and measures to define the responsibilities and provide guidelines for the directors, executives and all employees to adhere to and follow as well as communicating so that business partners and related persons are aware of the following transparent business practices.

Directors, executives, and employees will not commit or support corruption in any case and will strictly follow anti-corruption measures.

  • Directors, executives and employees are responsible for compliance with good corporate governance policy and anti-corruption policies. The Board of Directors assigned management to communicate and comply with the adopted anti-corruption measures.
  • Create a loyal corporate culture and adhere to fairness.
  • Provide training for employees within the organization in order to encourage employees to be loyal to their duties and for the whole organization to strictly implement the principles and the Code of Conduct for good corporate governance with the business operations.
  • The Company organized a personnel management process that reflects the Company's commitment to anti-corruption measures or corruption from recruitment, training, evaluation, rewards and promotion.
  • The Company set up an internal audit to ensure that the internal control system helps the Company achieve its goals and monitor the operations of every unit to be in accordance with the policies, rules and regulations set by the Company. It also helps the Company find errors, weaknesses and give recommendations to develop the operation system efficiently and effectively in accordance with good corporate governance.
  • The Company gives items, gifts, gratuities and receptions for occasions such as festivals which are traditions where people should behave toward one another or comply with traditions or practices that do not create any conflicts of interest or conflict with legal requirements which determined the price or value at no more than 3,000 Baht (three thousand Baht) or as appropriate to the recipient. This requires approval from the authority of supervisor before proceeding by clearly specifying the recipient when requesting for approval of such expenses.
  • Cooperation with the government in order to impose that all agencies that are parties with the government disclose the Statement of Income - Expenditures to the Office of the National Counter Corruption Commission (NCC).
  • The Company provided channels to report fraud to outsiders. If someone sees an employee commit an offense, the Company can be notified at www.origin.co.th (On the heading of fraudulent reporting. ("Whistleblower")
  • The Company provides whistle blowing channels for outsiders to report employee misconduct by reporting to www.origin.co.th (under the subject "whistleblower")
  • Cooperate with the public sector to impose all agencies that are parties with the government disclose the Statement of Income
  • Expenditures to the Office of the National Counter Corruption Commission (NCC).
  • The policy has been communicated within the organization and outside the organization via various channels, including the Line application, the website within the organization, the main website of the Company, advertising boards and letters to partners.