The Company operates its business with morality, ethics and etiquette by caring for its stakeholders, the economy, society and the environment. The Company also carries out good corporate governance principles with honesty, transparency and eligibility in order to truly benefit the Company’s stability and to benefit the stakeholders, economy, society and environment. The Company’s corporate social responsibility policies are as follows:

Fair Operating Practices

The Company places an emphasis on fair operating practices and shares its benefits with all relevant parties properly and correctly in all aspects. The guidelines are listed below.

  • In regards to business allies, the procurement of contractors must be done fairly, clearly, transparently and with equality. The Company gives equal opportunity to compete by not favoring any contractor due to differences in their physical features, heart, race, religion, gender, age, or education. This includes not disclosing any confidential information such as conditions or price with any business allies.
  • In regards to employees, the Company promotes and develops the skills of its employees in order for employees to advance in their careers and recruits employees based on their competence not showing any bias toward race or religion.
  • In regards to intellectual property or copyrights, the Company has a policy to only use copyrighted computer programs. All pictures that are broadcasted through different media channels such as the internet, billboards and brochures, will only use legal copyrighted materials or materials that the Company has received permission from the copyright owners.


The Company gives importance to preventing corruption and adheres to morality and ethics. The Company operates transparently and is responsible to all its stakeholders. The Company has established preventive measures policies against corruption as a practical guideline for committees, executives and staffs to adhere to as follows:

  • Director, executives and employees must refrain from any act that supports corruption and strictly practices preventive measures against corruption.
  • Director, executives and employees have the duty to follow the principles of good governance and preventive measures against corruption. Executives, assigned by the board members, communicate and execute the anti-corruption policies.
  • Establish a culture of integrity within the organization and adhere to ethical standards.
  • Provide training for the Company's employees and encourage employees to be faithful to their duties and be ready to follow the principles of good governance strictly.
  • Set up a human relations work process that reflects the company's commitment to carry out the preventive measures against corruption beginning with the selection of employees, staff training, performance evaluation, compensation and promotion.
  • Set up internal auditing to ensure the achievement of the Company's governance goals, to monitor the work of all departments in compliance with regulations, to find weaknesses, and to give recommendations to effectively improve corporate operation systems in order to comply with the principles of corporate governance.
  • Provide channels for third parties to report any malpractice concerning any unlawful conduct of an employee at www.origin.co.th (report clues and any malpractice).
  • Cooperate with the government in requiring all agencies that are a party to the contract with the government to disclose the receipt-payment forms to the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NCC).

Respect for Human Rights

The Company operates its business with respect for human rights by promoting and protecting liberties and rights. The Company treats one another equally and resists any human rights violation. The guidelines are as follows.

  • The Company supports and respects to the protection of human rights by ensuring its business is not involved in any human rights violations. This includes not supporting forced labor, opposing child labor and not partnering with any business operators or manufacturers who are involved in human rights violation. This is written in the Company's standard form contract.
  • The Company respects the right of its employees to express their opinions. This includes the freedom to give opinions without interference, getting information or opinions through the media, as well as providing communication channels to listen to the opinions of stakeholders freely.
  • The recruitment, promotion and assignment of employees must be based on their competence and show no favoritism in regards to gender, race, religion, financial status or society.

Fair Treatment to Workers

The Company focuses on the development of human resources management systems to be effective continually, beginning with recruitment, staff development, defining remuneration fairly, providing welfare properly, promoting and encouraging employees to advance their careers, as well as strengthening the working atmosphere to create happy employees both physically and mentally. This leads to an efficient workplace and maximizes effectiveness. The policies of personnel administration are as follows.

  1. To select knowledgeable and capable staff within the Company to fill in higher position prior to recruiting from outside. If they are employees from outside the Company, focus on recruiting and selecting those who have knowledge, ability and positive attitudes and are compatible with the organization as is necessary for the Company and in order to work effectively so as to maximize human resources.
  2. To promote the advancement of employees by clearly defining the direction of employee development and ensuring that employees at all levels are systematically developed under such direction in order to function effectively in their current roles and be ready to be take responsibility for more difficult work in the future.
  3. To manage wages, salaries and benefits to be fair and equal with other leading companies, always update salaries and benefits to suit current conditions and apply the merit system in raising salaries and title promotion based on knowledge, abilities, performances and the potential of each employee.
  4. To promote teamwork, allowing employees to cooperate and work together like a family. This is the key organizational culture of the company that has helped the company grow quickly in the past. The company has the following guidelines:
    1. Recruitment
      The Company has clearly defined qualifications for employees by nature of the job and the Company does not differentiate based on race, color, gender, religion, nationality, individual backgrounds, political opinion, age or disability in consideration and decisions for employment. The Company selects only those who are qualified according to the process of selection as defined. In addition, if there are vacancies or new positions available, the Company's policy is to recruit suitable staff from within the Company before selecting external personnel. When the right person is not available from within, then the Company will look to hire people outside the Company by recruiting and selecting those who have knowledge, ability and a positive attitude, compatible with the organization to work with the Company as is necessary for the Company and in order to work effectively so as to maximize human resources.
    2. Training of Personnel
      The Company recognizes the importance of employee development at all levels, with a policy to develop skills and continually enhance the capacity and ability of employees. The Company does this by providing training to the employees and welfare funding scholarships to its employees by providing opportunities thoroughly and regularly. The Company has continually developed and trained the employees from inside and outside the Company. For example, giving knowledge to employees in order to enhance their work potential and have knowledge in other areas such as law or welfare or sending employees to be trained by other agencies outside the Company in order to enhance the performance of their duties by applying the knowledge acquired for their work and to improve their performance, as well as stimulating and strengthening cooperation in teamwork and maintaining relationships between colleagues and between workers and supervisors. In 2016, there are 396 employees in the Company. The total training session is 5,203.5 hours or equivalent to 13.14 hours per employee per year.
      The Company is committed to developing and promoting knowledge to employees, as well as creating a happy workplace with various events throughout the year to give the employees relief from stress and promote the building of good relations between employees in order to improve their performance and reduce problems of communication between sections in the organization. The details of these activities are as follows.
      1. ORIGIN United Day
        This event is held every quarter in order to communicate information and introduce new management and employees, as well as policies to the employees. In this event, external experts are invited to educate employees and employees from all levels of the organization come together in order to get to know one another and exchange knowledge and ideas with one another.
      2. Quarterly Party
        The Company encourages superiors to take the employees that work under them on joint activities in the department in order to relieve stress from work and allowing old and new employees to meet each other and do activities together. This helps new employees adapt quickly to the organization.
      3. ORIGIN Outing Trip
        The activity includes team building activities for employees in order to create unity within the organization and leisure outside the Company.
      4. ORIGIN Half Year Party
        This activity is held to thank employees who worked hard throughout the first half of the year and includes a declaration of goals for the second half of the year for all employees to acknowledge.
      5. Small Group Activities
        The Company encourages small group activities by gathering 5-10 employees from each department, in order to solve problems at work, improve and develop work processes to be more efficient which results in continuous improvement and sustainable development.
      6. Provide Training for Employees
        The Company focuses on providing knowledge and skills at work, including management skills for staff at all levels. The Company provides internal experts to share knowledge and experience. In addition, the Company invites experts outside the organization to educate, and send the employees to be trained at various organizations, including the preparation of curriculum together with external institutions to fit the organization's employees at all levels. For example:
        • Participate in seminars and conferences to keep pace with the current world situation. This is organized by the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Thai Institute of Directors, Federation of Accounting Professions and Thai Real Estate Business School.
        • Provide language training courses for the sales staff, including English, Chinese and Japanese.
        • In collaboration with Dusit Thani College, prepare training courses in both theory and practice for employees of housekeeping services with standards by lecturers who have knowledge and experience and specialize in particular services.
        • Develop the skills and personality of sales staff and staff from corporate management who have to meet clients, such as make-up courses and personality development.
        • Provide short-term and long-term training courses organized by educational institutions such as HROD, organized by Faculty of Human Resource Development of National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), and so on.
        In this regard, the training and activities within the Company are mainly aimed to provide opportunities for staff to develop their learning potential, abilities and skills sufficient to work, and increase knowledge and skills in all areas for employees at all levels.
      7. Orientation Activity (ORIGIN School)
        The Company designs and prepares an orientation course for the Company's new employees. The course is a 3-day program with approximately 20-40 people per group. This is done so that new employees understand the Company's code of conduct, concepts, and the Company's business ethics. It includes business structure and procedures within the Company and the real estate business in order to give foundational knowledge and enhance efficiency in the coordination and delivery of work systematically and to ensure that new employees are ready to adapt to the corporate culture and background of the organization.
    3. Remuneration for Work
      The Company provides fair employment conditions for its employees and the employees receive reasonable remuneration according to their potential, position and responsibility. The Company also has a policy to increase remuneration on the basis of the Company, set fairly and giving opportunities and rewards that are fair to employees. This is consistent with the results of operations of the company in both the short and long term. In addition to salary which the employees receive on a monthly basis, at the beginning of the year, the Company sets clear targets of work together with employees with KPI for calculating annual extra pay (bonuses) and provides other benefits for the employees and activities for employees, such as a New Year's party and a special lottery to award employees, and a mid-year party that gives awards to the employees and builds strong relationships within the organization, etc.

      The Following are the Benefits and Policies for the Remuneration of Employees:

      1. Provident Funds
        This fund is aimed to allow savings and create security for employees and their families. The employees will get tax benefits. Contributions from employees depend on their willingness and length of service of the employees. The rate of employee contributions and company contribution are between 3% - 7%, depending on how long the employee has worked.
      2. Social Security Fund
        This is for cases of sickness and accidents not resulting from business. Its source is from contributions from employees, the Company, and the government.
      3. Compensation Fund
        This is for cases of sickness and accidents resulting from work. Its source is from contributions of the Company only.
      4. Visitation Gifts
        This is for sicknesses that require admission to the hospital or if an employee or their wife delivers a child.
      5. Grant-in-Aid
        The Company has grants to support staff on such occasions as marriage, disaster, support for wreath to honor the dead, pay for funeral host, and funeral subsidies. This covers the employee's parents, spouse and children, etc.

      The Company considers that its superiors of all levels have a major responsibility in governing the employees who work under them to have good morale and courage, developing the employee's knowledge and ability to work effectively, as well as conducting themselves as role models to the employees that work under them.

      The Company's employees are essential to the Company's past success and future success as well. The Company thinks that employees are a valuable resource of the organization. Therefore, the Company is committed to systematically maintaining and developing the employees in order to add value to the employees, building morale and courage in the workplace, aiming to improve welfare so that it is up-to-date, and adding new benefits to meet and suit the ages of employees. In 2015, as the Company began to enter the Stock Exchange, the Company prepared the Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) for employees, which have been an important cog in the Company's rapid growth. This motivated and rewarded the performance of directors, management and employees, especially employees with outstanding performances that are difficult to replace in order for the Company to achieve business goals and maximize the benefit of the Company and its shareholders.

    4. Health and Safety at Work
      The Company provided an appropriate work system focusing on safety and health in the workplace. This included such things as setting a policy on safety standards in the area of construction projects, requiring employees to wear a helmet at all times when they are at the construction site in order to prevent accidents that may occur during work, providing a clean workplace to keep away dangers that may occur, such as fire, illness, etc. The Company provides healthcare benefits for the benefit of employees. The details are as follows:
      1. Medical Treatment Benefits
        Employees who pass probation will get group health insurance from the insurance company that the Company defines and can be admitted to defined hospitals with medical limits varying by the level of the employee which includes dental benefits that are not included in group insurance plans.
      2. Health Benefits
        To keep the employees healthy and ready to work, the Company has provided an annual check-up one time each year to be held around the end of January and early February. The check-up is provided according to the plans and are classified by age, responsibilities, health risks and level of staff.
      3. Safe Working Conditions in the Workplace and at the Construction Site

      The Company places an importance on employee benefits. The Company still places an importance on health benefits and labour safety by establishing a safety plan. This plan focuses on safe working conditions and environmental management at the construction sites. The results of the safety plan assessment are discussed at the weekly site meeting in order to find ways to control, improve and protect the environment in order to follow or exceed the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assignment (EIA). Section 4 contains the following plans regarding safety camps for workers.

      • Room size is built in accordance to required standards and has good air circulation.
      • There are separate male and female bathrooms.
      • Security guards provide 24 hour protection at the safety camps.
      • Regarding additional safety, fire extinguishers were installed all over the worker camp worksite and workers are regularly trained on how to put out fires.
      • Provide regular health care.
      • Eliminate mosquito breeding sites and insects around the worker camps.

      In addition to worker safety, the Company also pays attention to the quality of living of the children of workers that live in the safety camps in many ways. They are as follows.

      • Provide opportunities for the children of workers to study and provide consulting for children that are of school age, are Thai nationals and have a right to study in Thailand. At the Cabana Samrong project site, the Company coordinated with schools and sent 2 children to study at Watmahawong School.
      • Organize a New Year's Party and hand out gifts to children. High ranked executive directors came to visit and discuss problems at the safety camps and give gifts to children. This has made a great impression on the workers and their children.
      • The Company promotes good family relationships. The Company allowed workers to bring their family and children to live in the camps. However, area boundaries  were clearly created between restricted and unrestricted areas. Children are strictly prohibited from entering construction sites.

Responsibilities to Consumers

The Company promotes free commercial competition, avoids actions that could pose conflicts of interest and violations of intellectual property rights, and goes against all forms of corruption, including the promotion of social responsibility in all phases of business operations and services.

The Company recognizes the importance of consumer rights, namely the Company produces quality dwellings and after-purchase services meeting the needs of consumers to maximize their satisfaction and is also committed to research and development to create innovative condominium projects with unique designs, including the best function unit plan design. The Company provides a customer feedback center to answer any questions and receive complaints. The center's phone number is 02 030 0000. Other activities are organized in order to enhance good relationships among customers and between the Company and its customers. These activities are divided into 3 major categories, entertainment, sports and art fairs. These activities are as follows.

  • The Company takes customers to watch movies. This activity was done 4 times in 2016.
  • Exercise activities on trampolines which strengthen the customers’ health.
  • Art activities are organized which enhance concentration such as the folding lotus petal activity.

Environmental Preservation

The Company prioritizes our focus on environmental preservation and focuses on environmental risk assessment and environmental impact in all of its business processes. This includes using resources efficiently and using energy saving methods in accordance with universal principles, beginning from the construction planning process until the completed development project. The main office is also included.

  1. Environmental Preservation in Construction

    The Company performed duties in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) principle. Safety plans for project development were established in order to focus on safe working environments and environmental management at the construction sites. The results of this assessment is reported at the weekly site meeting in order to find ways to control, improve, and protect the environment in order to follow or exceed the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment. These are mentioned in section 2, regarding safety plans under the Safety Insite Project, and section 3 which establish community impact preventative plans around development projects in accordance with Environmental Impact Assessment regulations.

  2. Environmental Preservation regarding the Company’s Real Estate Developments

    The Company selects materials that are efficient, meeting standard, nature friendly and environmentally friendly. For instance, the Company uses energy-efficient building materials such as inverter air-conditioners, LED light bulbs, energy-efficient water heaters, etc. These are able to reduce long term power consumption in condominium buildings.

  3. Promote Energy-Efficiency and Effectively Maximize the Use of Natural Resources in the Office

    The Company organized a public relations meeting regarding energy-efficiency via public relations media within the corporation. Energy-efficient measures are implemented in order to reward any employees who achieve the yearly energy saving goals regarding resource waste such as paper. The Company has a policy to work paperless by maximizing the use of information technology. As a result, OSB (Origin Smart Business) was developed by making different forms like the standard of procedure document and different standard forms available on the Company’s online database. This can be filled out and approved via the Company’s IT system without needing print anything on paper which wastes resources.

Community Development

The Company promotes the use of business processes in order to improve the quality of life, help build the economy and strengthen the community, neighbors and Thai society. The Company aims to enhance, promote and assist reaching out to people in society through Company activities. The Company focused on helping society by reaching out to people and people with disabilities, donated money or goods to the society on education, and provided opportunities for staff, customers and suppliers of the Company to be involved with activities such as joining with local authorities to help people in the community, taking employees who have birthday falling in a certain quarter to provide meals and make donations to the disabled or handicapped people, homes for babies, foundations, etc. Each time, the Company's senior executives joined the activity by giving donations to fund education for disadvantaged students and contributed funds for construction materials that went to schools and health centers, and so on.

And in 2016, the Company had CSR activities to support the quality of life and society, as detailed below.

  • The Company jointly made merit through providing banquets for underprivileged and disabled children at Nonthaphum House, foster homes for the disabled and made a donation to the children in compliance with the Company’s guidelines and policies.
  • In collaboration with UOB Bank, the Company jointly organized activities that contributed happiness to children at Santisook Foundation, a foundation that give scholarships to poor students.