Company History

The company was registered as a Company limited, established since the year 2009 with initial registered capital of 10.0 million by the Jaroon-Ek's (Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-Ek and Mrs. Arada Jaroon-Ek). The company develops condominiums along new lines of Bangkok's mass transit system. The Jaroon-Ek's (Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-Ek and Mrs. Arada Jaroon-Ek) has knowledge and experience in the real estate business for over 10 years, starting out from a small serviced apartment business. Then in the year of 2009 the Jaroon-Ek's foresaw business opportunities in another real estate development, therefore founded Origin Property and began developing the first condominium project called "Sense of London" condominium at Sukhumvit 109. An eight-storey-high condominium with 162 units, which had an approximate value of 198 million baht.

Since the first project drew a lot of attention and gained extremely high and positive responses. The company has continuously developed condominiums ever, and been expanding loyalty customer database. Therefore the customers recognise Origin Property as one of Thailand's leading condominium developers with amazing unique designs.