Message from the Chairman

(Mr.Lucksananoi Punkrasamee)

Presently, in the Thai real estate business, there is a visible change due to city development, especially in the area of Mass Transit Railway system development network of over 10 metro lines. Once they are completed, life style in the city along with the direction and value of the real estate market be tremendously changed. This significant change will stimulate demand to purchase and invest in the Thai real estate market both domestically and internationally, especially high-end products. Meanwhile, mid-to-bottom end products are likely to recover in accordance with the economy. Even though Thailand and World economy are gearing towards a favorable direction, there is still a need to be cautious because of a possible volatility.

As the competition in the real estate industry is more intense because large operators hold more than 60% market share, the Company must focus on the accuracy of investments, the development of business models and making a differentiation in project development and services

Origin is able to create customer acceptance and have continuous growth because we always give importance on developing the Company’s competitive potential. Whether it is to expand the market to the higher-end condominium market under the PARK brand, to develop a platform for innovation in mixed-use residences, to keep up with changing trends (Digital Disruption), to develop online bookings or to develop the Origin Digital Butler application in order to meet the digital lifestyle. This also includes the ERP system which increases efficiency and reduces duplication of information within the organization. The Company also has a joint venture with NOMURA, a leading real estate company in Japan in order to increase the Company’s growth potential and implement knowledge and innovation from the joint venture to develop the project.

In addition to this, we also focused on growing steadily with expansion into housing development business and recurring income business in both real estate development for rent and related service business. All our developments take into account the maximum benefits that our customers will receive from our projects and services.

On behalf of Origin Property Company Limited, we would like to confirm that the Company will focus on creating value for the organization and society as a whole and develop a stable, growing organization under corporate governance. I would like to express my gratitude to shareholders, customers, financial institutions, business partners, and mass media for your continued support and the Board of Directors and all employees that are committed and dedicated to helping the Company to prosper with stability.