Message from the Chairman

(Mr.Lucksananoi Punkrasamee)

The present real estate development business is changing rapidly in accordance with the changing world in an Age of Exponential Technology. Changes are happening in consumer behaviors and competition for business developers. This includes changes in land prices and the prices of residences under the investment circle trends around the world.

“Origin” is determined to be an organization that regularly develops itself in all aspects and determined to become an excellent Company that conducts its business under corporate governance principles. According to the Corporate Governance Report Evaluation of Listed Thai Companies for the year 2016, Origin Public Company Limited was rated at a level of "Excellent” for real estate development projects from the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD). The Company also received awards from the Thailand Property Awards 2016. The Company received an award in the category of Best Affordable Condominium Low-Rise for Villa Lasalle Sukhumvit 105 and the award for Best Affordable Condominium High Rise for KnightsBridge Sky River Ocean. These awards were in harmony with the Company’s concept in determining to develop real estate projects that meet the customers’ needs in all aspects of living at an affordable price.

In 2017, the Company realized that the competition in real estate business today has a significant factor along with factors related to location, project quality and price. Another important factor is providing services related to the lifestyle of target groups. As a result, “Origin” emphasized the importance of innovative services before and after purchases. This included Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with a determination to be “Your Digital Butler”. This is a service provider that applied digital technology innovation that provides services that meet customers’ lifestyles in an age of Digital Life Attitude through an application called “Origin Digital Butler and Origin Family Card (OFC)” These applications meet customer’s lifestyles in all aspects. Origin Family cares for its customers like family and this will continue to create sustainable growth for the Company.

On behalf of Origin Property Public Company Limited, we determine to create value for our corporation and society overall by developing our corporate growth and stability under the corporate governance principles. I would like to express my gratitude for the wonderful, continued support from shareholders, customers, financial institutes, media and business allies. I would also like to express my gratitude to the board of directors, executives and employees in every department for your determination and dedication to business development for the advancement of the Company.