Message from the CEO

(Mr.Peerapong Jaroon-ek)
Chief Executive Officer

In the year 2017, the Company committed to developing the products and services of our projects to be in the hearts of consumers with the project development concept that would cause the residents of Origin Projects to be able to “Live the dream ... the way you are”. Reinforces effectiveness as a foundation for the Company to grow sustainably with the stakeholders under the good governance principles.

The Company continues to focus on the development of condominium projects under a concept of “Affordable Premium Condominiums” and in the year 2017, Apart from the focus on development of mid to high end brands under the Knightsbridge brand, The Company expanded its market around high end products by purchasing all shares of Proud Residences in order to own the “Park 24” project and develop the high-end project under the “Park Origin” brand.

In addition to the development of condominium projects, we are also expanding market into the housing development business. The first project called “Britania Srinakarin” was launched at the end of last year and it was well received. This was a good start in our expansion to make housing development into one of our core businesses. Another business that we value in order to secure income is the real estate development business for rent which includes all types of hotels, serviced apartments, office buildings, and retail space. The Company signed an agreement to bring the brand and chain of Intercontinental Hotels (IHG) under management by bringing the Staybridge Suites brand into use for the first time in the Asia Pacific region. If combined with the real estate business, Origin will be able to meet the integrated needs of consumers in the real estate market.

In regards to business strength, we have the Nomura Real Estate Development Company Limited as joint venture partners to develop four condominium projects and one hotel project in order to increase the Company’s growth potential in the areas of investment and the development of knowledge regarding project development.

The Company’s performance in the year 2017 continued to generate strong business growth. The Company’s sales volume rose up of 14,024 million Baht, a growth of 29% (%YoY) from projects that launched in the previous year and another 8 new projects launched with a project value of 15,150 million Baht. This was equivalent to an increase of 34%. The Company’s total revenue was 9,988 million Baht, a growth of 212% (YoY), with a net profit of 2,021 million Baht, growing from the same period of the year 2016 over 217% which was equivalent to a net profit margin of 20.2% at the end of 2017. The Company has 37 projects currently opened for sale. The total value of these projects was worth of 56,845 million Baht and the sales volume waiting to be transferred is worth 27,400 million Baht. This will secure the stability of the Company’s future revenue.

The Company’s success was due to the great support of our customers, trade partners, employees, shareholders and stakeholders. The Company affirms that it will conduct its business by taking into account the benefits to the society under good governance principles.